Cape Reinga and correct dress code

Baedeker says:
“From Cape Reinga there are very rewarding trails eastwards to Spirits Bay (about 10 hours) and southward by way of Cape Maria van Dieman to ninety Mile Beach and then inland to Te Paki (about 7 hours).
There is no overnight accomodation at Cape Reinga. Information about walks and and accomodation in the area can be obtained from the information centre in Kaitaia.”

Baedeker also says, under “Dress”:
“New Zealanders prefer light casual clothing; typical dress for a man is shorts and knee-length white stockings.”

I don’t recall how many sets of knee-length white stockings you packed, Jul, but it would probably be a good idea to get some more. You can always pass them on to Geoff, who may not have enough of his own.