What happened to Wwoofing? Have you forgotten this way of spending time in a pleasant environment, food cooked for you, in return for exertions that would seem mild indeed after ‘Orange Wood’?
Do you have access to the list? Taking a quick look, there seem to be loads of places around Kerikeri, some with good sounding accomodation, separate from the family, etc. This one’s actively seeking people now, apparently:
Bob and Helen are looking for wwoofer in their farm in kerikeri on the Bay of Island!!
It’s 500m from Kerikeri, has a swimming pool, and separate accomodation. Call them on (09) 4079388

Although it’s further away, this place looks good. It’s from the home helpers website, so you don’t have to be a member of Wwoof. It’s at Matapouri, near Whangarei.
And let’s not forget the Zen man! Only 5k from where you are. Here’s someone’s account of staying there:

Someone else says:
“We learned of a great opportunity to keep finances afloat using a scheme called WWOOFING. This scheme, which translates as Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is set up to benefit both
the Farms and the WWoofers. We work about 3 to 4 hours a day and get accomodation and fed and watered by the hosts. It costs us nothing. The work is by no means strenuous and sometimes there are other Backpackers on the farms who have interesting stories to tell. So far
we’ve been to two different hosts. One was an 87 year old Dutch Architect who moved out here 7 years ago and is still busy as hell with different projects. Bruno Mertens is his name and he was apparently the ‘Most famous Meditation teacher in Holland’. He was a very peaceful soul and had many words of wisdom. He now lives in KeriKeri.

I think I might do this Wwoofing with Mama next year on our bikes!