Return of the Slightness


I do occasionally butt into what is essentially a Brockbank information exchange just to find out where the hell Tan and Jul are and what Nicky and Michele’s kitchen table looks like these days.

I read something about Mulholland… I shall have to inform you that this is arty farty weirdness as it’s most ridiculous. Sasha rented it and force fed it to me. It is entirely random and no-one actually knows what it’s about. To me this is stupid – to some this makes it great because you get to have pompous intellectual conversations about it- I spit upon them from a great height with much phlegm content. I mean who wants to watch a film where you don’t know who’s real and who’s not and who’s just in who’s dream and who’s whole lesbian fantasy is who’s etc..

I spent today with a lot of nutters and this outrageously fit girl (like the fittest I’ve ever seen) she is also a Buddhist. THIS MAKES IT SCARY AS SHE MAY EVEN LIKE ME. Fortunately, in times like this men hold strong together and make crap jokes continually about how quality she is which is what all the staff and residents do. We have all memorised what days she’s working and what shifts we have with her. Sad, pathetic losers than we are. Men, I mean, as a species. But it is quite fun.

Anyway enough about evil temptresses who ask you first thing in the morning whether you love your girlfriend enough to marry her…. like why do you care!?!?! No I really DO NEED to know…
I suspect that I shall do what I always do… become her very good friend. It’s all I’m legally allowed. HHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!

Mulholland… twisted, obscure, avoid.

Greets to all Brockbanks in all corners of the globe.