I just thought i’d blog this for the amusment of my fellow bloggers.

As to me, we are back in chiang mai and then on our way to laos. I am suffering greatly from these blasted bites, curse them. The ones on my leg converged to make a huge one that took up the best part of the back of my theigh. As if this was not enough pain and ichiness, one found and un citronellad part under one foot, and it went hard and painful so that o couldn’t walk on it. much pain for oe night. Just about going down the next day, but again they were not satified. My ear started to swell up. Some mozie has for a semce of humour out there because no sooner had this happend than the other ear swelled up to!!! I woke up in the morning with two huge ears like boxers ears. Cor blimey, i’m glad to be getting out of hear. But they couldn’t have enough of my. I have a goobye bite on my sholder, forearm, and a very painful one on each hand. I hoped that thay was the lot. One sleepless night because of the foot and then another because of the ears was enought for me. But i’ve just discovered one on my forehead as well. I can bearlt type it’s so uncomfortable. any sugesstions for relief?