Horse food

About horse food… I confess to you all that I am a great consume of oats in the form of porridge. You see to combat my bastard (or to you non-existant) illness I require sturdy eats of a morning and so get up in the morning. And make porridge. This morning I took in a cupfull of oats in plastic container and boiled it up with a cup of milk and a cup of water. In order to placate my taste buds I also added yoghurt, strawberries and sugar. Most tasteous, rather like strawberries and cream. No really. And as a extra added bonus my dad collects my manure and makes it into compost!

Sorry about your inflating hands Tan.

Jul, congrats on the German girl. I wish only to ask for you to tell us her age and send us a picture asap.

As an example here is mon petit Sasha