Hail all,

I am in favour of annikas method of fending of dogs. I often put whatever poor victime is walking with me infront f any dog in the hope that i will make good my escape while it is knawing on that persons leg!!!! I found myself doping this to an almost complete stranger al well!!!

Mama, thanks for the advice, i’ll look out for apis and take a couple of rescue remadies and arnicas. WE are in laos at tghe moment in luang prebang. The journaey on the boat woul dhave been nice with good scenery and stuff if it hadn’t been so long!!. You basically got a wooden bench sizable for one. This ad to be shared. Two 7-8 hr stints in this hell machine it took us to get here! It was woth t though as this town is really nice. The people are ver nice, the most pleasent and friendly we have encountered so far in SEA. We are having a leisurly walk around town seeing the temples today, and then on to a waterfall tomorrow. Then vang vien, and then onto viebntien i think. we will then head to the south of thai;and for a stint on the beaches!!! Having a gtrweat time and eeling fresh as a daisy apart from the sweating (inevitable!)

Jul- how about this meeting us in thailand? are you going to come or have you decided to reside in NZ on a permanent basis???? We are going to be heading into malasia on around the 20-25 of june, so can meet you up till then. Let me know what you have planned, but feel free to change your flight if you like.

Dod -taking it easy and feeling fine.\

Mama – you would love the market and food stalls here. Such veriety and colour. I will write a letter about it all.

Am going to buy silk scalfs for granny and mamie here.

Love to all,