Your package just arrived, Jul. Obviously you failed to heed my suggestion to send the photos instead of the negatives! It’s pretty tricky, looking at them, to know what is good or bad; but I’ll set Mama to the task of chosing a few to get copies of. There’s three lots of negatives and one APS film; but, surely, there should be a small print out of the APS photos, or how else can we tell which ones to print?
There was also what looked like an incomplete shopping list on a rag of paper which I was about to throw away when I realised it was actually the fabled ‘letter’! Much rejoicing and laboured deciphering …
Some guff did indeed arrive from Chichester Institute concerning reading. For the ‘Adventure Activities’ degree there was one book listed! For media, quite a few more. I shouldn’t worry, though. I’m sure I remember Liv saying pre-course reading wasn’t stricty necessary.
Onward and upward to Coromandel. Find a Wwoofing place. Stay there a lifetime.