Slightly says…

Have just come back from Norfolk and visit to granny’s. Met my auntie’s boyfriend who is 72 – she is aoubt 40. Actually he was a darn decent bloke. Also I narrowly failed to qualify for the secret service on scoring as I did 67%. Second I time I got 76% but that is just cheating.
Liv I hope this thing about Big Brother is one big crap joke because surely you aren’t dumb enough to like that bile. I have to confess to having watched bits in the past but not in a particularly dedicated or interested way. Please explain what it is you like about it! I really want to know.

Hey Nicky, I would check your fiver from Ford Market if I were you to make sure it’s not a fake.

I’d like to end by saying how much I detest Tan, Geoff, Jul and Annika for being thousands of miles away on holiday in an interesting country while I spend my time taking lunatics on shopping trips around Bognor Regis.