Trip to Kozushima

A few friends, myself and Mayumi and a group of 60 or so people went on a trip to some nearby islands off southeast of Tokyo. 

  Setting off on the ferry from Tokyo. Our American friends Mike on the left.

It was very hot so we stayed on deck. The trip would take about 9 hours! 
Setting up our fabulous sleeping area!

Someone in the group brought along a massive set of speakers equipped with a lightball! The partying continued well into the early hours! 

My English friend Cal’s impressive beer staff!

Waking up at the crack of dawn with fairly unpleasant hangovers!
Arriving at the islands!  

Arriving in the blistering heat!


Setting up the tents at the camping site. Very nice location.


Playing some weird dice and coin game. Matt another English friend on the left.

Great view.


We went to a snorkelling area and had great fun checking out the numerous multicoloured fish and jumping off the platforms.

Mike is already starting to burn!   

Further out the water is quite choppy and it was very windy.
The water is very clear. We did a lot of snorkelling amongst the rocks.


Lovely colour to the water!
Pretty high up. Cal jumped off this later.

A few of the main jumping off points.

The bizarre bridge structures that covered this area.

Crazy hot on this beach. We played a lot of beach volleyball and got really burned.

Everyone mocking Mike and his horrific sunburn arm growth. I have a closer photo but it’s too revolting to upload! 


Leaving the island and the crystal waters behind!

Sad to leave.  

One of the smaller islands on the way back.

Cal using my pot noodles as a pillow!  

Such comfort! 


 Playing poker on the way back! 

  1. A jolly time by the look of it, though the jumping seems a little hazardous, given the number of people. The crystal waters are not what we see at Climping!

  2. Haha, i think i recall Mike. Was there much on the island? it looks pretty small.

Mabo dofuĀ 

just testing out the app.

Made some tasty food the other day! 

Mince, spicy source and chunks of scrumptious tofu!


  1. Fairly light on green vegetables, or maybe you served them as a side dish?

  2. Ah – the two lower picture hadn’t loaded when I added that comment. I see the green onions, now.

  3. Would it have been tastier perhaps if you had replaced the tofu with, say, some additional meat?

    1. Haha! Quite possibly! The bland, cooling chunks do help with the extreme spicyness though!

Just a quick update! All is well. The ne…

Just a quick update!
All is well.
The news coverage is painting a very bleak picture and certainly it very bad in the north of Japan. However Tokyo has been minimally effected. The earthquake disrupted the trains but apart from that there was little damage.
There has been a bit of panic buying. Mostly perishable goods such as meat, bread and vegetables. Water and dried goods are in plentiful supply at present. The Miso supply seems unaffected!
Last night around 5am there was another strong earthquake. It was very short though and after leaping up and making sure the TV/fishtank was safe i went back to sleep.
Currently the Nuclear Plant situation doesn’t look too good. Tokyo is a long way from the effected area though, and I live in the south of tokyo itself. Hopefully they can get it back under control!

  1. Welcome back (to the blog), stranger!

  2. All you need is Miso and Rice! Let us know if there any assistance we can provide.