Epic Adventures

Hello everyone,
Tan’s idea to blog this because I don’t have all your e-mails.

Back amongst the chaos and lady boys of Bangkok again. Well, not literally, so no jokes at my expense please!!

Sorry about the breakdown in communication for anyone who cares. Have been in Laos for the last 10 days and my e-mail was playing up.

Our trip to Laos began with what can only be described as the most boring 2 days of our trip so far. Stuck on a boat with hard backed leather seats and about as much legroom as would fit a baby mouse for 2 days solid, we travelled from the Thai border at Chiang Khong to Luang Prabang in northern Laos. What’s more is that this boat was quite clearly designed for about 20 and at most 30 people, however our Laos friends managed to cram on about 80 tourists equally aS FOOLISH AS US. Shaking the lead and not to mention the deep vein thrombosis out of our legs on arrival, we headed off to find a guesthouse.

Apologies for the bad spelling: the keyboard’s just a mite stickyyyyyyyyyy

Within 2 hours of arrival in Luang Prabang, it was clear that our journey had been worth every moment of our tortuous journey to get there. Surrounded by scenic hills and on the Mekong river, it’s not a world heritage sight for nothing. What’s more I was soon to discover that it had a great night market that my girlfriend Tan tried to go mad in. It was only the Cat o’ 9 Tails that prevented her from buying up the entire town!!
We also got a classy ghuesthouse at $3 per night overlooking the Mekong with ensuite facilities. It’s a deal, it’s a steal!

While in Luang Prabang we took a daytrip to this awesome 3 tiered waterfall, and leapt off a tree overhanging it. The more time I spend away, the more I realise that that insurance I got was an essential acquisition.

THe next stop was Vang Vienh, 6 hours to the south. This necessetated taking a bus with an armed guard, who incidentally fell asleep within 20 minutes of starting off, and a decidedly unpleasant spitting Chinese bloke. In my opinion his phleming would have been just as effective as any gun. What’s more he seemed to have an endless supply of ammunition: 6 hours of continuous spitting!!

Vang Vienh was also great fun. WE got to watch Matrix Reloaded on a pirated DVD in a restaurant (shocking ending though), and floated down the river in inner tubes drinking beer (life is tough eh?).
we also went to this cave which you could swim into, which is supposedly 6km log and pitch black. Needless to say we didn’t get that far.

Our last stop in Laos was Vientiane. To be a little different, we decide to kayak from Vang Vienh to the capital instead of going by the usual route: bus. Apart from the sunburn and sore feet (still bruised) incurred from cliff jumping, this proved to be great fun. Some random bloke had to shove Tan off the side, holding onto my hand, because she just couldn’t bring herself to jump. However, she prevailed, albeit with a little helping hand!! It was not until after we negotiated the one particualrly hairy rapids section that our guide decided to tell us that 2 English girls had drowned a few months previously on them. Cheers mate!
Vientiane was definitely the least exciting place of our trip around Laos. It ws still worth visiting though. We decided to pamper ourselves while there and had a herbal sauna and Lao massage (for anyone whose thinking I’m abig girl, you should try this out), as well as a slap up French meal for $5. THis was really tasty – steak cooked to perfection with Roquefort and red wine sauces. Mmmm I can still taste it…succulent!

Got back to Thailand a couple of days ago, and now festering in the Bangkok sweatpit! Off to Kanchanaburi and the Bridge over the river Kwai tomorrow.

Peace my brothers (only joking!!!)