Hail Dod and Mama,

It disconected, and then wouldn’t re-conect again. It was one of the cheapest places in town though!!!! Nice to talk to you, you both sound fine!

WEll, best be of to warch ‘x men 2’.
I posted a big package today so that should get to you soon.

By the way, is anyone interested in a nija star???? Most viscious they look!

Sharna had a l;ittle girl on the 5th. Lili she’s called. WE can stay longer in OZ, but are quite keen to get to NZ now.

Let me know if there are any good towns on the east side of malasia mama!

Enjoy the good weather and gardening!! 26 degrees you say?? thats fairly cool round here. We don’t comment on the weather unles it goes above 40!!!!!!

Geoff twitching to get to the food stal befor the film starts! Got to get his quota of green curry in, at 20 baht a shot it’s well worth it!!!

Lots of love

PS i sent a silk scalf to granny and mamie. Did mamie get the large cloth coaster i sent her?? Did granny like the shirt???