Hail all, just to let you know we went to kanchantaburi to the death railway. Most depressing, but nice to see that the thais have kept all the graves well, with flowers and everything.WE went on the train over the bridge and along the track till the end. Amazing what was actually achieved. I sent granny a p-card. If anyone wants to write then write to post restente in auckland and i will pick it up when i get there. It would be most pleasent to get mail from good old blighty!! Well, seeing as jul hasn’t been around, i will just reinfroce g’s message that we are heading into malasia around the 22-25th ish, and then moving quickly down to singapore to get the flight to bali. Anyone know what his plans are????? Good oh!

Oh liv, much as i enjoy slightl;y’s mails, it pains me to have to read then THREE times!!!! A deletion should be don i think.

Love to all,

PS A few spot keep coming back on my legs and as soon as one goes another comes. We re-read the doxi blurb, abd lo and lo and behold, it said that one of the side effects if rashes and swelling!!!!! Why didn’t i see this before??????? I must have read this a thousend times to check!!! And what was that doc doing, not telling me it could have been the pill. I even took them in to show him!!!! I will try not taking them for a couple of day, and if they go it will have been them ,and Mama would have been right!!!!! I have taken enough to protect me from vietnam, cambodia and abit of thailand. These werte the most worrying places anyway. And if the doc is to be eblieved, then they are useless anyway!!! COR BLIMEY!!!!!!!!!!