Could be bugs, but why havn’t i had any reaction before??? Havn’t stopped taking doxi yes as waiting for your advice and chemists. sounds to me like it is unlikely because i didn’t have any rection in vietnam. They are not bad, and am keeping a watchful eye on them. Havn’t taken an antihystamene yet, but ankles a little on the bloated side!!!!!! If they don’t get worse i think i will just see the course out and then hope they get better. If it is a bug from here there is not much i can do until i get out of thailand, or to a cooler climate like NZ. So, havn’t stopped yet, but will if swelling get bad. Any more on face and i’m stopping as they could get nasty.

Trying to sort out jul’s crack potted idea of a quick trip to the scam fest that is bagkok?!!! It’s a shame he missed thailand, but there seems little point in him zooming over there for a day and then back to singapore as he will have to fligh there to connect with the flight to bankok anyway i think. All flights in SE asia seem to go through singapore somhow of other!!!!!

Have started diving course in Koh Tao! Theory for three hours!!!! bit too much like school for my liking, but should be good fun. We were going to get an underwater diposable camera, but they only go to 5mts, and we are going to dive at 18mtrs. so not much good!

Love T