Isle of Wight

Anyone fancy going to the Isle of Wight festival next year? Apparently it’s mid June and tickets go on sale on December 10th. My brothers + girlfriends and various other hangers on appear to be going for the duration.


Just watched Die Hard 4.0 trailer. Looks worth a watch in the cinema!!

Yippee kae Yae…..

I’ve just noticed my photo. I have the longest chin in the world….my picture barely fits on the page. At least Dod has been quite complementary with the hairline!!

THere is only 1 word to describe Engand’s performance in the World Cup: PATHETIC
South Africa must have thought they’d turned up at an Invalids Convention!

Loving the weather – heading to the beach again tomorrow. Hopefully there’ll be enough wind for some windsurfing this time!!

Jul: I remember Vang Vienh well. Tubing is epic isn’t it? Did you also find the place where you can swim into some caves. Good fun but pretty scary, especially when you have to swim against the current to get out!

Greetings all, its been a long time!!

Epic photos of the sky dive Tom. Every time we tried to jump the weather closed in on us, but I see it as an opportunity to go back to NZ.
Jul those photos of yours bring back some good memories from India. Hampi was fantastic!

As you can see we’ve bought a mahoosive van. Possibly to be called Bertha on account of the size!!!

See you very soon T and S!