The excitement

This is the beginning of my fourth week at work and the excitement is almost killing me. I haven’t been for a swim in a warm sea for many months. I have to be in here at 7:30am today and tomorrow so I can do exciting things like write two examples of how I would treat people from different cultural backgrounds differently when dealing with their personal hygiene.

1) this place aint full of Muslims and Jews.
2) I’m not dealing with anyone’s “personal hygiene”
3) You wipe a Jewish arse the same as a Christians
4) What sort of world is it when you have to get up early to answer stupid questions like that when you could be at Om beach in Gokarn looking forward to your morning Puri Bagi, some body surfing accompanied by naked 21 year old girls and watching England narrowly beat the West Indies in a fantastically exciting climax to the test.

Oh yeah and I had to go to Sasha’s fat cousins wedding at the weekend and what did they serve at the reception? Champagne and doughnuts – like duh!!

God give me strength….
sisters – shari and sasha