A new hero

_44514903_southee.jpgNeeding more than 200 to win with one wicket left Southee, a valient young Kiwi making his test debut decided to go out in style. Taking on Panesar (who’d bowled 17 maidens from 30 something overs and taken 6 wickets) Southee put away his bat and got out his seven iron.

He bludgeoned the fasted fifty ever by a Kiwi in 29 balls blasting Panesar for six repeatedly and hitting Anderson quite literally out of the ground. When Broad was bought on he hit him for two sixes in an over and continued on to hit a grand total 9 sixes – more than any Kiwi or Englishmen in history! All this from a 19 year old, test-debutant bowler.

Sadly the rabbit at the other end left him stranded on 77 not out (with 54 in sixes alone) from 40 balls. A herioc and quite frankly almost “British” failure.

Gentlemen let that be a lesson to us all. If you’re going down, go down guns blazing, and bring the bastards down with you. Southee, we salute you.