While on the subject of humanure, it seems most compost toilets utilise the same preference for sitting, rather than squatting, popularised by Thomas Crapper himself. This is unfortunate, as the position is implicated in too many health problems to count. However, there is a movement afoot to circumvent this that doesn’t involvce ripping out your prize ceramic throne and replacing it with one of these (available for £50 on ebay):


Such as:







Or, for those who like to make these sorts of thing themselves:


squat-toilet (1).jpg

My own construction, based on the lillipad design, is still going strong:

CIMG2054 (Small).JPG

Of course, what we really need is this sort of thing in our back garden (or yard) if we’re lucky enough to have the space:


3 thoughts on “Squatting

  1. I have been unfortunate enough to have a composting toilet located in my hallway – right between my bedroom and living room. After much lobbying the aforementioned pit of cess has been moved to the downstairs hallway. I can report that due to the excellent quality of sawdust used, that only very rarely does my entire house wreak of doo-doo.
    Our research has proved that you just need a bucket, a smattering of privacy and a compost which has a lid on it. Adding paper is good but not too much of the yellow wet stuff.

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