hey, really like it here, hot but breezy, and the sea makes u feel less clastaphobic as in the cities and trains.

i did like mumbai, very colourful, felt abit unsafe in the boxy prison we we stayin in on th first 2 nights. overall indias not as bad as i thought it would be- referring to the poverty and smellyness! the only down point i can think of is the constant staring from everyone.

were heading back up to mumbai tonight to see flo off, it’ll be strange her not being here. then i think were going to try and do the golden triangle up north. would have liked to stay longer here because u meet so many cool people and the locals are so much friendlier. maybe we’ll come back before SE Asia.

the foods lush, and already i want to buy so much stuff in the bazaars and little street stalls but dont think my bag could carry much more.

chow x

flight times

i hope you read your emails/blog before you get to airport, im flying with BA and my flight numbers BA0199, be there!!


Hi everyone,

India sounds interesting juls, looks a bit chilly on that beach? the dancers look good.

I cant wait to get out there, Chris has gone to Meribel to do his season and everyones at uni so im sat here twiddling my thumbs.

Btw my flight doesnt arrive at 00:40 like you think, it arrives at 11:40 on the 5th, im assuming thats local time? i depart from heathrow at 21:30

see you on tuesday :D!

hey all, ive finally worked out how to join this chat thingy. Liv has jst got here as mum has jst picked him up from the station. Hey T and G, im tryin to work on gettin to Bali but i doubt anythin will happen!! liv says hi, along wid will, edd and I