last night i was sitting minding my own business reading when a girl came up to me and this american dude and asked if we would like to go for a drink in town. we said ok. so we collected outside , practicaly everybody from the hostel was there. leading the horde was this cool isreali guy called oz. he was the spitting image of a tall slimmed down version of the comedian rory something from “they think its all over” met loads of cool peaple but i can’t be bothered to list them. diverse nationalities. anyways we migrated into the town like a horde of buffalo, and went unto a random club/bar place. it was a bit crap really-cowboy theme appaling dance music. we stayed there for many an hour. a canadian girl called danielle and i needed to get some cash so we left to go to an atm. on the way we decided that we should leave this hellhole and go someplace better. so we collected three, oz and an english girl called mur, and an american guy called travis and went to another place. this one was better and we stayed for quite some time. much jollity. entualy at two something in the morn we left and wended our way back wittled down to just travis and danny. on the way back we came to a bridge which had a central support thing which was curved like a bow. this travis and i decided to walk along. it was quite high of the ground at its central point, maybe 20 foot. it consisted of two bars as wide as your feet. and was remarkably easy to walk along it. we got back at around threeish and after consuming many pints of water we went to bed. noing at the 85 year old guy who was awake for some reason i went to sleep. next morn i made the cardinal error of catching his eye as i got up. an hour later he was still talking. it was impossible to slide away becourse there are no breaks in the the onslought. one story merges into another seemlesly and all you can do is edge to the door and hope he pouses for breath. as luck would have it the other guy staying in the dorm, an irishman, chose this momant to enter. bert the 85 year old transfered his attention to him and i sprang for the door and made good my escape.

day 2 of abel tazman.
woke up. nasty night. blasted hot and much noise from the other sleepers. got maybe ten minutes sleep. crawled out of bed and had a nutritous breakfast of muisli bars and meat sticks,yum! eva and i packed our stuff and set off. we had decided to check out a place called cleoptra;s pool as it was quite close to the trail. we walked for a while then met up with the american girl,ally. she had set off earlyer but had doubled back to meet us. cleopatra’s pool was quite plesant. a smalish water fall plunged into a rock pool surounded big boulders and tall ferns. to one side was a natural rock slide carved out of the rockface. non of us fancied going on it as it was very shaded at that point in the day and quite cold. after haveing a jolly chocolate break we set of again. the choclate here is odd, they have about fifty difernet variations. my faverate was the “decker” milk choc toped with a layer of white. most plessant. and so the long day wore on. my feet were slightly sore, but for some reason my ankles were quite painfull, unsed to the wieght i supposed. on the way we met a dutch couple who were very cool though i forget there names. the previous day eva and i had played cards for a while. the game we played is apparently the number one backpacker card game. we know it as “blackjack” i think geoff tought it to us. it has a different name here, sh* rules i’ll recount them tomorrow. when we had reached the hut and had our suppers most of us settled down for a round of ‘head. it turns out that i am pretty damn good at this game, i have played it loads and not once have i been the sh*thead. infact 90% of the time i get rid of my cards first. i was the undisputed master, the anti sh*thead! it was good fun. the canadian guy who i had disliked on sight turned out to be really nice and funny. and there was this old geezer there that looked land sounded like a greybearded captain haddock, he was nice and friendly also. a plesant time was had by all. we went to bed.

gah! the last bit i shal recount tomrrow as i am bored of typing and i have a mighty hunger. i’m not sure of what to do as yet. i guess i’ll go down the west coust. maybe i’ll wait and see if someone wants to go with me though.