Jul had trouble blogging, so he emailed:


blogger dousn’t work.
heres todays blog.

hmm…didn’t have time to go to town today, so i’m useing the hostels computer. this means i can’t get the third day down today. a few af us from the hostel went to the beach today. very plessent. massive beach with a sandbar which go for mile out into the sea. it took about an hour and a half to walk to the beach from the hostel, and after a long day we didn’t fancy walking back, so we decided to hitch a lift. very strange. we split into two groups, there were five of us, and no sooner did we stick a hand out when a flurry of cars came to pick us up. daniel and i had to wait ten minutes max for our car. we were picked up by a german lady who had been a backpacker herself, so made a habit of picking up hikers. i’m looking into which is the best bus company to take me south. i will book tomarrow i think. right see you.