Dear Julio,

It appears, according to my book, that the area around Nelson is full of alternative sort of people, drawn there in the past by cheap smallholdings.
I am really surprised that in the land of prime lamb meat, bountiful fish and shellfish and a vast array of fresh vegetables, you only manage to eat at McDonald. Honestly!!
Anyway, for your birthday (if you’re still in Nelson) go to Chez Eelco, 296 Trafalgar Road and eat a bowl of their recommended fish soup or something else if you like at my expense (I will pay it into your account). The Redwood Cafe in Kerikeri north of the town is also good, in case you don’t make it to Chez Eelco.
Did you walk to Tahuna Beach 5km from Nelson? One of the nicest, apparently.
A good thing to take for your health is the special NZ honey: Manuka honey; one spoon a day. Have you tried the special drink L&P (lemon)?
You could try and buy some whitebait (small fish, bishiques) clams, mussels, crayfish, a little butter and garlic. Five minutes cooking and there you are (Bob’s your uncle).
Apparently, there is better sailing to be had in Kerikeri.
Yesterday, Daddy was so bored thast I caught him watching something at random on the tele. Dear me!
Looking forward to details of day 3 of your walk!

Grosses Bises,