Yar, everyone is selling off GameCubes quick-fast due to severe lack of public interest! Dixons, i believe, are selling them off cheap too. mayhaps I could get one and take it up to uni with me to test it out! ahaahahaha! Not sure what game i’d get with it tho. Apparantly, metroid prime is being released and bundled with the cube this friday, so maybe by the time i get back, argos will have discounted the game as well;-)

Tom and I went to see Jackass yesterday – quite funny, but pretty much lots of tv progs blended together. Also, I picked up a free “the ring” poster for you, many happy returns! It should be your birthday when you read this. Tried to find a decent e-card to send but there aren’t any – have a frappacino (from starbucks) on me!

Bagpus had a huge gash on its leg the other day, oozing with pus. It promptly leaped on me and spread the ooze on my jumper – pleasent. I may shoot it tomorrow.

When do you hit the Franz Joseph Glacier? Be sure that you crampons are sufficiently sharpened;-)

BTW: “hello” in maori is “Kiaora”. Vital info, should you need it…