all hail!
godsblood! i’m paying for the gamecube blast it all. you just have to purchase it for me.
well i’m still in westport. and am staying for one more night and heading of to greymouth tomarrow noon. the classy eco-lodge was booked up godrot it! the plan was to go there and do a bit of rock climbing nearby. now i shall go to the beach and fester around the town a bit. last night i met a realy cool canadian girl(there are so many canadians here!) called michelle at the hostel. niether of us had seen a tv for weeks. so we went to the supermarket got some beers-spieghts- and some icecream and watched two movies in quick succesion. some crappy sean connary film and good will hunting. gwh is quite good. just realised it is the 20th. most extrordinary. thanks for the happy birthday texts.

i’m travleing on my own ‘cos wenever i meet cool people they are always doing something different to me. this girl michelle is going in the opposite direction! i have the e-mails of people who are travleing down the west coust ahead or behind me so hopefully we will meet up.

you should probably clean the bagpuses leg before it goes gangrene!

when i go to franz josef depends on how long i spend in grey mouth. i’m thinking of doing a day trip though it won’t be cheap.

i don’ think i will be doing much birthday revelry here. this town is not somuch dead as rotten with maggots feasting on it. and i know the grand total of one person who is leaving for the heafy trek in half an hour.

its possible i might work at something other than fruit picking but unlikely i’m not so keen on working at all.. interestingly enough sarge turned out to be a traitor on the last day. i had to kill him.

see you soon!