would someone explain to me what in the name of borc am i doing in westport, a scummy little town if ever i saw one. and to top it all i’m a festhole of a backpack hostel, how it got 80% bbh rating i will never know. well the bus ride was ok. nice views and stuff and the driver stopped regulaly so that we could stretch our legs and take pictures. played on the gameboy for the first time since i arrived. metroid is insanly hard. what is the point of a boss which kills you in three seconds eh eh? as i was packing my stuff yesterday i realised i hadnt seen my blue fleece around recently. after a frantic search i came to the conclusion that i must have left it at the last hut at abel tazman. hells biscu! i’m sure i had something in the pockets, but i cAN’T RECAL (woops) what it was. i liked that fleece. oh well. i had better start looking for a fleece or jacket. speaking of jackets, i went into a second hand store a momant ago to look for books(i have finnished three so far) bought shardik for about ten pence. in the corner was a couple of fine leather jackets, actually not so much fine as mangled. but they looked alright. looking at the price i was amazed to find that it was ten dollors! thats like three fiddy in pounds! i could purchase it, wair it around NZ, then chuck it away before going to tailand. an interesting thesis! i think i might see if i can get a room in this cool looking eco-lodge slightly out of town for tomorrow. 96% bbh! and it has activities and stuff wich i could do.
whak!! i just saw on eurogamer that the game cube is being sold at argos for 79 pounds!! can you get me one? i shall pay you back when i get home. don’t bother getting any games, unless liv wants to play on it, in which case he can by his own! if you see a better deal go for that. i cant really be bothered to do any activity today. i’ll probably not bother to do stuff in every town i stop at.