nergle? quite clearly i transmited a virus which invaded his brain, thus teminating him.

your the war is all over the place, a bit hellish really. i got the jacket, amazing price. now, not only do i look like the spitting image of indiana jones, but i can go up to people in tailand and say “hi, i’m selling these fine leather jackets!” in tribute to monkey island.

thanks for the e-mail mama. speaking of puzzles there is one in most of the hostels i have stayed at involving moving wooden blocks around. it is insanely difficult. i hate it. most useful advice on the gold front, though i’m not sure i will be stopping at those places.

i’m finaly quitting this hole of a town, by god! leaving after lunchings. i think i might treat myself to a whitebait meal at some cafe.

by the way how come i have no e-mails from you tarn? is now one forwarding them to me? a pox on ye all!
am reading a lusbader novel called ninja at the moment. campared to tai pan it is simple and tacky. can’t believ i used to read his stuff.

had a jolly birthday-walk-on-the-beach yesterday. much fun.