yo! hmm six fresh e-mails from tarn to read. curse this expencive e-mail place.

i’m in greymouth at the momant, not much tot do here, and i can’t be bothered to pay for an activity.the bus journy here was quite plessent. the bus was due in westport to pick me up at 12.45. of course i have a horror of missing buses/trains so i arrive an hour early. after a soul consuming wait the godrotting bus eventualy arrives at 1.30. the river leaps out, he seemed a jolly chap. he gestured at a clip bourd and rasped something at me. hell, i said to myself. this was just what i needed, a hyperactive bus driver with a speech defect. it turned out that i could just make a rough estimation of what he was saying from reading his lips. i’ll see you back here at 2.15, he stated. most plesent. to cool myself down i went and bourt the biggest icecream ever. fantastic! the journey itself was ok. we would stop every now and again to have a rest and at one point he dropped a few of us of at the start of a walk, and after an hours walking picked us up at the end. we lost some people on the walk so we had to drive around looking for them for ages. this made us so late that the driver decided we should visit the beach and watch the sunset. nice! it is funny how hard it is not to look directly at the sun when you look at a sunset. amidst flailing wildly at ravening sandflys, catching sight of the sun and screaming “my eyes! they burn!” and atempting to take photos of the sunset using my sunglasses as a rudamentory lens filter, i had a nifty time. we also stopped at punakaki the pancake rock place. a bit dull really. just a load of rocks and stuff. lost my toothbrush, or someone stole it. the foam bits on my shaving devices seem to have melted into slime, this mixed with soap dribling from my soap tube, has formed a viscouse ooze at the bottem of my toiletry bag. it coats everything. fowl. had to clean it out today. descoved that my toothbrush container smells revolting, running a finger inside i found it had a layer of foulness cakeing the inside. obvisly it is the perfect breeding ground for germs and fungi. nice one mama! ear cotten bud things are usefull by the way! right i’m going into town to develope my pictures.