hail nostril,

How goeth it risking like and limb in this reclass mannar?????? geoff wants to do a bj so mahap u can tell him all about it.
What price this nasty big thing in asia??? we are thinking of braving it and heading on in, buying breathing apparatus on the way.I’m sure you can get worse diseases in india anyway!!!!!! we wil leave if we are serounded by coughing hacking natives though.

We are on the last days in india now, and have obviously been sofened by the fact that we are leaving. we were in the park in pc and saw askinny begger sitting on the grass. we had a watermelon with us, and not being able to finish it, we thought it would be a kindness to pit a bit his way. However, our kind offer was refused as he heaved the watermelon of the ground and flung it from him in geoff’s general direction. I mean to say, cor blimey!!!!

Will rinf m and d from madras
later, tanya