Many hails all,
Back from Val Thorens. Every muscle I have is aching at the moment and the old feet aint feeling to good either!

The trip down was like some sort of hell. The driver was a class-A idiot who did not seem to grasp the idea of smooth driving – plunging his foot on and off the accelerator to some strange beat in his head. After watching Pulp Fiction and some soul-destroying “comedy” from Eddy Izzard, the driver told us we should go to sleep. So we did, bending ourselves into contortions to fit the strange shape of the seats and the lack of leg-room. Neck and back pain ensued. To top it off, the air-con wasn’t working – causing us to sweat and smell profusly.

After we arrived we sat in the coach for what seemed like hours until we demanded to be let out due to the excessive heat! Ages later we hauled our bags into our room. I roomed with Chris, Stu and another Stuart who we didn’t know. He was pretty damn quiet, responding to most direct questions with “yeah” and occasionly saying “sorry” when he took fully 35mins to take a “quick” shower.

The snow was good overall, though it got a bit slushy towards the end. Loads of epic runs and squads of variety. The best days were when Chris and I joined a group of people led by a guy called “Swiss Tony” – many an epic run was had. Usually a squad of hardened skiiers and me after the other boarders had wussed out.

Halfway through the week I managed to land quite a few 180’s:-) Also went on a load of jumps in the snow-park – will post pictures when I get them developed.

On the last day it snowed buckets and before the cloud made vision impossible, Chris and I went up to the top of one of the peaks. A few inches of plush powder:-) Epic.

On the forth day, I had a massive collision with chris. Probably mostly my fault as I was behind him. He came out of it fine, but I went flying and landed on my butt – much pain on the old cocsix (base of spine).

Journey back was worse, but seemed shorter. Got about 5mins sleep this time (’bout 4hrs last time).