BLACK AS THE SKY!!! err…yeah black please.

tarn, the americans are scared of everything including themselves, ignore. just don’t travel with a lot of people. or fly. ever.

more deaths reported, encluding the docter who descovered it, fun. purchase some sort of biochemical warfare suit and wear it always.

right i’m of to the red rock(a pub) for a horde of spieghts. interestingly no one else has turned up at the apointed time, so i came to the e-mail place. damn them all i say. bus at 8.00 tomorrow. HOT DAMN! i have already had a flagon of the fetid bilgewater they call “beer”, so i’m feeling slightly retchworthy. there was something i ment to blog but i can’t recall. curses. aha! yeah liv get yourself a copy of mallrats. its a film. very funny. so much so infact that i nearly choked on a cheese sandwich loughing. it is a jay and silent bob film. if that helps. aparently there is a whole series of them but i haven’t seen them around.

ta ta as my swedish freinds would say, and later!