hail. i’m in duneden. made the bus this morning. just. a fairly late night, last night. we watched the england v ireland rugby match which started at 1ish in the morn. eventualy got to bed at around 4. manged to grab a few momants sleep then up again at 6.45. ofcourse i felt fresh as a daisy. not at all like i had been kicked in the stomac by a mule. anyway it was a fun evening, jessica and helen seemed to find the frenzied chanting and shreaking from both squads of fans most amusing. i did not partake of this, merly content with clapping politly at the apropriate momants.

what be thee saying boglar?

right i think i shall stay here for two days then go and do a white water rafting thing. mayhaps i shall do the hanmer springs thing but it will cost an ingot.