the hell? did i not explain a million times? THE DEAL ENDS 1ST OF APRIL!!!!! hell on a stick. i asked dod to get it on the 28th or something and stated that it would be in short supply. whats wrong with you people? have you no minds? nnnnnng!

in related news. why, by the beard of stangoth, is somehow turned into answer that if you will.

so who sent me the email i wander. such mysteries to confound a mentalist.

still in duneden. not sure when to go. need to look into this white water rafting thing. also swimming with dolphins. for some strange reason i feel the need to buy t shirts, a onering lookalike in silver and more books. i need to get out of this town. went to the art gallery yesterday with an english guy called john. it was odd to say the least. one exebition had a massive my little poney. another video screens inbeded in rocks. i don’t no why i went really.

reading noble house. rather good.