hmm, just had an interesting experiance i thought i might share. decided to have fish and chips for lunch and in a fit of madness got them from some random kiosk in the street. like something from ford market. oddly enough the chips were revolting and the thing humerously called “fish” was diseased and fetid. any way as i was retching i noticed a clearly demented drewling homeless person lurching towards me. hell i said to myself desperatly looking for escape. i made a leap for a near by dustbin to dispose of the rest of my “lunch” but he showd a amazing turn of speed and court up with me. he said something and presented a mildly twitching hand, at that momant i would rather have eaten my own limbs then shake hands with him but i did anyway. unplesantly warm and moist. this chap had a bit of trouble speaking but i managed to get the gist. it seemed he hadn’t eaten for a for days he didn’t do drugs anymore and could sir possibly give him $4 until next payday. i was skeptical as someone had pulled a simmilar thing on me in nelson. but as i contimplated i moved to throw my refuse into the bin, i was arrested by a sudden twitch from the bloke. you want this?! i asked, incredulous. yuth sir, he replied relieving me of the package and stuffing his face. seeing the evidence of his hunger i slipped him a couple of dollors and we parted on good terms.