rakaroa is on the way to nelson from christchurch. bit of a scuzzy little town but i met a load of really cool people and we had a fun time. only 2 o’ clock this time, quite early really. there were five of us. oliver(german swiss, very funny/insane guy) ryan(american, cool) madilane (french swiss, nice) marite (french canadian, amazingly cool/nice) after monopoly we hotfooted it into town, went to a few pubs untill closing, then were just about to go back to the hostel, when lo! we heard music on the wind.one place was still open, we headed over. now imagine the most local yokel pub possible and insert a dance floor, that was what it was like. there were a few inbreeds winching there way around the dance floor. we sidled in, avouding eye contact and got ourselvse some drinks. one of the beers was called sheep shagger! i kid you not. anyways when the freaks were having a rest, we took the our chance to show them how it was done, leaping on to the floor the five of us going into some sort of dancing frenzy. this continured for about a couple of hours, sometimes a lokal would atempt to join in but they were clearly outclassed and wimpering slightly they would and sidle back to the touchlines. eventually the music stopped and they started to close up. with much cheering and gasping for breath we made a move. but we had only made it across the street when there was a great cry from the doorway of the pub, it seemed that they couldn’t get enough of us. the landlord had cranked the music back on. we said what the heck, and charged back in amidst aplouse and began dancing again. sureal but fun!

at the momant i am in picton for the night, as i couldn’t get the bus direct to nelson. it ok. just had the finest fish and chips i have ever tasted. flaversome blue cod, tasty salad and crisp chips. can’t say fairer than that! the rain has finaly stopped, thank borc. i was feeling slightly depressed becouse of the scanky weather which started in queenstown, but now my joss has returned! happy day.

SMB jr is for the GBA, looks good. read the eurogamer review. in the counterstrike i played you had to buy weapons, and there wasn’t enough for sniper rifles.

i’m not to sure about the advance booking, dod. i may be going around north island a bit before settling in kerikeri.

maybe you should give me the details of the sony?