cheap at thrice the price!

the places i go to rarly have cd caperbility, let alone image manipulation. i think i can get them to burn me a fresh cd. we shall see.

well all flesh is as grass on the kerikeri front.

arrived in auckland a while back, bit of a hellbane of a city. reminds me of london, too many people all charging about like loons. most suprised that i have to catch a bus to go anywere and get to my hostel which is about four miles from the city center as the crow flies. of course a bus dousn’t flie so it takes the long route. flight from nelson was ok, just too short to actualy start doing anything such as read a book and just long enough to be very boring. it must take skill to plan it like that. went to an I site and made arangements for toupo handing over great wadges of bills, i go hither on the morrow. spent most of the afternoon looking for a shop which will sell me SMB jr. no game shops anywere! had to ask about five diferent computer store owners, each giving me contradictory directions, eventualy tracked down an EB and purchased it. it know resides in the bag by my feeet, crisp and fresh, waiting to be played.
i shall blog tomorrow.

seeing as tan has taken my frase, i shall take hers.

we shall see, what we see, when we see it.