nice to see you have both gone insane.
speaking of diceman, i went through a stage in queenstown when everyy decision i took i utilised my dice. iether i whrote down six options or i used it as 1-3=no 4-6=yes and asked the dice questions. eg. is it a good plan to go down this road? as you can imagine getting around was quite time consuming, having to stop every so often and look for a flat surface.

i am in taupo. in a hostel nicly situated two maybe two and a half days walk from the town. insane. this is the last time i let a minion at an I site choose a place for me. bus drive=long/tedious. bus driver=identical to the docter from startrek voyager, only more irritating. taupo seems nice though. will check out stuff to do tonight.

SMB jr was 25 pounds i believe. not bad. yah bali should be cheap. the game is fun. very, arrgh i have died i must have another go, sort of gameplay.