aha! good old seiken densetsu that was an epic game.

not emily at all really, the kiwi girls name was amanda. gods curse my demented memory. i took the bus to auckland and managed to locate a backpackers that was evan further from the town centre than the last one. insane. quite a neat place, villa type with resident nutter. consumed some fresh fish and chips-you actualy see the slabs of fresh fish getting dipped in batter and whatnot- which was nice then slumped in front of the tv all evening. me and a canadian guy called ryden ridiculing such classic programs as “american idol”(pop idol) and joe millionare. quite terrible. an american guy potted in and asked to see the news at some point, so we reluctantly switched over. rydan happened to mention something about the insanity of the war to me. this seemed to excite the american guy no end. he went bright red and fixing us with the gleaming eye of a fanatic he lounched into speech about the dastadly anti-americanism and the benerfits of the war. he had obvously said it before in many diferent hostels. we gave as good as we got utilising basic comman sense and his contradictions against him. but he stonewalled us the line the we couldn’t have an oppinion becouse we “never watched the news or read the papers. ever.” he gleaned this infomation from the fact that we were reluctant to watch the news earlier. “i meet loads of morons-” he yelled gesturing at us and frothing slightly. “-who don’t know the first godamn thing about war, but they’ve all got damn oppinions.” we pointed out that just becourse our oppinions differed from his didn’t make them anyless valid. and yes, we do watch the news and read the papers. and could you explain what the actual purpose of the war was, seeing as they have not killed saddam, found any weopons of mass destruction or any evidence that links iraq to the terrorist atacks against america. he answered this by telling us that france and russia should be punnished for there lack of support in the war and that british support was asentually pointless etc. and so the long night wore on.
today i got the plane and arrive i kerikeri. i went to the aranga holiday park as advized but it seemed that all the single rooms had been taken. crud! i got a dorm room for a couple of nights while i thought about things. talked to a guy in my dorm who said that the kiwi harvest is on hold becouse it has been rainng nonstop and kiwis need four days of continues sun to ripen. he has been doing tangerine picking in which he makes 15 pounds a day. it is apparently mind numbing work. they want you to work for 8 weeks he stated. it all seems a bit dicey to me. if i made my flight to tailand soon i wouold be saving an ingot of gold and thus efectivly makeing the same amount of money but for no actual toil! bonus. also i had better go before the sars virus gets any worse and they ban flying.

oh well, the die is cast.