hmm interesting uk and vietnam polls. the newzealand fruitpicking polls are at an all time low.
it seems the plan is that the dudes at aranga holiday park have some sort of deal with fruit pickers. they can give you a lift to the orchards and stuff. and the farms basicaly lie to the backpackers saying that there is work when there isn’t so that they stay at the holiday park for longer.

i don’t know were you got this “”Most people earn over $90 per day and some earn double this.” That’s £30-£60.” rubbish, i would not believe a word of it. this horse you speak of sounds suspicously like an orchards spokesminion to me. no doubt it is possible to get $90, on a good day, with a prevailing wind and you have already worked there for 8 weeks so you know what you are doing and you have muscles like steel bands. the guy i talked to stated you get around a quid per bin of fruit. he did fifteen bins. you get paid by the bin, but also you get your wage docked if you pick crappy fruit. so you can’t go too fast.
on top of it all i really don’t like this holiday park. it is far too big, the kitchen is rubbish as are the utensils, there is no washing up liquid to use, you have to provide you own…and the dorms are pretty crappy also. i wandered down to the river last night to read my book, but i was driven of by the waves of of sandflies. i killed them in droves but they kept on coming. i must have got 20 bites or somthing. and i woke up this morning to descover rows of bites on my face on neck. the hell? gaddamn bed bugs! jeepers. its enough to drive a chap to the brink. incedentaly it is cold and wet, so much for sunny north island. actually thats a lie, it is muggy, humid and wet. incedentaly you have to wear a boiler suit or something if you don’t want to be killed by the sandflys. one of the guys in my dorm forgot to wear socks and his ankles were ripped to shreds. one solid mass of bites.

i mean to say, what?

i’ll have a t-shirt please tan, in green. that small girls t-shirt i got has a simmilar design but with a red star.

to tell you the truth i am about fed with newzealand and its money consuming ways. the sooner i quit this place the better.

mayhaps i shall ring tonight. 7.00ish?

the die awaits to be cast.