bloody hellbiscuits! what madness. hmm were to start.
i woke up to the sound of some one screaming or shouting very loadly. i thought it was caroline (veryt nice german girl) calling cristian and dipti (also cool germans) to get ready or some thing as they were going fishing that morning. across from me bert leapt out of bed quickly. pest, i thought . it must be 7.00 and hes late for work. suddenly through the screaming i heard the voice shouting “has any one got a cell phone?!” over and over. this is serious i thought getting out of bed and fumbling around for my cloths. someone must have cut themselves or something. i spent a stupid amount of time trying to put my shirt on the right way, grabbed my phone and my torch and ran out of the dorm. the cene that greeted me was a man lieing on the floor, not breathing. two people were hadphones and were instructing another two people who were atempting CPR. ack! i thought. i couldnt see the mans face clearly. i i thought it was cristian. this cut me like a knife. i squatted down and started willing him to breath and thinking don’t let it be cristian. were the hell was the ambulance?…

i will finnish this later. i have to go and get some bread. we are going to the beach.

yesterday anika (a lovly german girl) and myself hitch hiked to pahia and went on the hole in the rock tour last ing three hours, but i think i will tell you about that some other time.

looking into woofing.