gods blood! went on to nationwide and all my accounts have disapered! the hell??? i will have to use halifax which costs me an arm and a leg! aaaaaaagh! can you check it out dod?

tan: i met an isreili girl who has been to thailand and a word of advice. if you go on a bus and a form is passed around for you name and pastport number, do not take out your pastport, write a phone number or something instead. the bus minions want to see were you keep your pasport, so that they can steal it when you go to sleep.
re: dods saps post. that is as nothing to what my sources tell me. acording to them peoplel drug your drinks then when you are asleep, cut you up and steel your kidneys. nice.

so yeah…i was like “woah!” after a while and with relief i realised it was not christian. the people did cpr for 15 untill the ambulance came. i didn’t know at the time but he had no pulse, so cpr would not work. he was dead and i had talked to him not 24 hours ago. its hard to decribe what it was like. it made me think. meh.

a few days ago caroline, christian, dipti(three of the frendliest people ever. so cool.), dave(refreshingly english), andy(so funny), annika(lovely) and I went to the beach.

caroline, christian and dipti went to the beach first in the morn to start fishing for our lunch. the rest of us turned up at midday. andy’s car, a converted mini van with a bed in the back, had a bit of trouble with what was the worst road ever. so many pot hole that it was impossible to avoid them. so we didn’t. with a chuckle andy would speed towards them. there is somthing almost painfull about the crunch sound of the bottom of a car being torn apart.

we arrived at the beach, it was slightly overcast but nice. in the distance we could see caroline and christian standing atop some rocks, casting away. dipti did not fish becouse she is a vegetarian. i raced over and was astound by the pile of fish they had court so far. two largish ons that looked like parrot fish and three smaller spiny ones. caroline asked if i would like to try. needles to say i was completely cack handed, iether casting too early or too late. caroline leapt up to the rock to show me how it was done, and no sooner had she cast, when some thing took the bait. she reeled it in and my word it was a stunning looking fish, the length of my forarm and hand. she flipped it ashore and quickly grabbing a knife, drove it into the brain of the fish. blood everywere. this is the best way apparently. no blood int the flesh. a plesent afternoon was spent, a few more fish were court, none by me sadly. before it got dark we scoured the beach for drift wood, and ammassed quite a pile. dave dug a pit and started a fire in it. while caroline and i gutted the fish, no one else being very keen. as we were working a guy come in on a boat he looked as though he was fishing all day. as he drove past townig his bout away he called out and asked us if we would like some snapper(a fish) we said we already had some, but he insisted. he also asked if we smoked weed, caroline and christians eyes lit up, and he gave them a hanfull. hammer caroline kept repeating, which means “cool” in german. rest assured that i did not partake of said narcotics. when the fire was going well we rapped the fish and a load of potatosin tin foil and chucked them in. to begin with we messed around with sticks and trypod and stuff, but it was pointles the fish cooked ifne just lieing in the flames. as you know hunger makes the best souce so the fish and chared potatos were delicouse. the rest of the evening was spent lieing in front of the fire. unfortunatly we couldm’t sleep at the beach as annika, dave and i didn’t have our sleeping bags with us. caroline, christian and dipti had a minivan like andys which all three travel and sleep in. so they took us back to the hostel. to my suprise it was only 9.30 it felt like 1.00 in the morning. no early night for me, annika and i sat talked well into the next day. jolly memories i shall tresure.