Old goats

Actually, it’s deigned, not dained!
Jul’s ‘man’ story was concluded in paragraph 3 of his last post. Apparently around my age … heart attack, presumably …
Last time I heard, Jul’s flight was 8 May. He isn’t malaria protected, so maybe he should forget Laos: “Risk all areas”
Also, Northern Thailand: “Risk in the areas that border Cambodia, Laos, and Burma. Travelers to the border areas should take either doxycycline or Malaroneô as their antimalarial drug because of mefloquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum in the area.”
Why not go to Laos now, and meet in Bangkok on your way back down? That would be roughly three weeks away, wouldn’t it?
You’ll be glad to hear, now you’re leaving, Vietnam has been declared the first SARS infected country that is now SARS free!!!
Does texting work yet?