Cruddy FSMail

Yet another post rejected by your FS mail, Jul. Here it is:

“Dear Julio,

I am glad that you have found some work; but take it easy and have plenty of sleep. Could you send us the negatives of your photos; they will be less expensive to send. Persavere with the fishing; it sounds like a lot of good free food to me! (Caught not court)

While searching the rich list of the Sunday Times I told Daddy that I had better buy a lottery ticket but he reminded me that most of them made their money by pure hard work. It is true.

Daddy is cutting one of the yew trees; the lower branches so far while waiting for the long ladder to arrive. I am cutting them to size for burning in the stove.

We had quite a lot of rain so it will be easier to dig and plant. Most of the trees are in leaf and blossom everywhere. It is a magical time of the year.

Grosses bises Mama

I am going in the garden to see if I can catch any slugs.