hi all, just showed your pictures to an american grafic art student, and he said that they were great!!!!! He’d never seen anything like them before!!!! Good egg i say!
I like the bicicling one, how about horse riding???? or bouncing on clouds, thats always one of my dreams. WE are going to get some more doxicycline for the north of thailand and laos, It is not that bed i don;t think, and julio could easilt get some if he wanted to join in, but if he doesn’t, and is having fun in nz, then he should probably make the most of it. Sounds like you have met some groovy peole jul. What are your plans, how long are you going to work for???

Mama, don’t encourage him to take it easy!!!! He has been taking it too easy recently!

Chanthaburi : not a tourist in sight. No other westerners at all. no one speaks english, and the only other tourist here is derk the american. Nice easu going bloke, and not at all loud! WE had a mini cook your own bbq for supper, with soup and cook your own veg as well. It came with a mini clay pot with a fire inside, and a grill at the top. you put the meat on a grill, and the soup and veg round the outside of the clay pot in a sort of rim for it to cook as well. lot of fun, and most tasy!! Tried to bargain for some pomeloes, but they don’t seem to bargain here, so maybe they are giving us a fair price to begin with because there are not many tourist around.

WE got through the borger, and as the local bus station was way out of town, we decided to take the tourist bus here, but after that travel properly. we were tired and hot and had had as mush as we could take after the six hour (meant to be three) journet to the border, and just wanted to get here. we bargained the price down to 200 barth each, which is epensive, but not overly for the lack of hassle. We should have knw better. the bus took a lot longer than they said, and then it stopped on the side of a huge main road, and the driver said ‘this chandaburi’ and signaled for us to get out. we spent ages asking him to drop us in the centre, but he didn’t speak a work of english, and looked lost anyway. geoff was all for asserting his authority and demanding to be droped of in town, but the other people in the bus, a surly looking english coule and some moody germany began to grumble. The english about how they had to catch the ferry, and the germany said ;were the hell you want to go, this is chandaburi! I’m sure if it had benn them they would not have liked to be dropped of on the main road. bloody rude and inconsiderate, and i hope they missed their ferry. anyway, we got out for a quiet life, and took a jeep to the centre (4km away, the cheating toad, so much for a cheerful and happy wencome to thailand!!)

Oh well, the people seem nive here appart from that.

Best be of as it’s late.

Love tanya