haha! epic pictures dod.
yo tan, hows about i meet you in three weeks time, as i am having a lot of fun here. my friends here are so amazingly nice i cant bare to part with them for the momant. tell geoff to start throwing his wieght about. dirk struin wouldn’t take such insolence from the natives lying down, nor would tyler brock for that matter. if he had said in a commanding voice “take us to town, or by god i will break you in half!” all the while fixing them with a balefull “godzilla” like stare, it would have had the desired result. reading shogun. rather good. what price gai jin?

mama i will send the negertives when i finnish my third camera.(a new one i bourt here that had panaramic options) shall i also send my cd’s? they have been hanging around in my badger bag for yonks. perhaps dod can manipulate them onto the computer and post some. the second batch of pictures looks quite good if i say so my self.
the work is pretty hellbane, yesterday it was nasty- 8.30-7.45. the going rate was we thought $9.50, but we don’t know for sure. someone said it might be $8.50. we will find out. turns out that tax is 20%, but of course if you don’t have a speacial IRD number than tax is 41%, nasty. am trying to get the number as we speak. there is some talk of getting the tax back at some point, but i don’t have a clue how this is done. i presume i need a bank account so i will go to westpacktrust(a bank) and get one soon.
i think i will continure to work for a while, though it crushes my spirit. the only thing making it bairable is that i am working with friends.

then mayhap i will go aroung northland for a bit. can i change my flights that i don’t have to fly back from kerikeri to auckland, as it seems a bit pointles?