beady-eyed assessors

money grasping fiends indeed.

just got back from a hellishly busy few days. went home on monday, arriving at about 11.30pm. and got up at five the next morn for the two hour train trip to bournemouth for a “assessment centre” with jpmorgan. Two interviews (one friendly one and another with a guy with no expression and lots of awkward pauses…), a “role-play” (ie. some sort of hell), and a “group discussion” (essentially, a “role-play” in a group). There were six of us in the group thing, with 6 beady-eyed assessors assigned to each candidate, watching every move. I was obviously fairly good, making several salient points and suchlike). after the last interview, shaking hands, I felt the tell-tale signs of a freemasons handshake. Naturally i responded in accordance with charter 34 of the freemason handbook, with a No. 6 handshake. unfortunately this does not seem to have worked, as they haven’t got back to me yet. most distressing.

It all sounds a bit classy in nz and hope that Thailand is better than Vietnam!

Right, i’m going to construct myself some burgers. must remember to get some ketchup.