aha! the code was writen on a piece of paper in his car which was some distance away on the beach, thus rendering it unaccesable.

went to the citrus club(the high spot of kerikeri) last night and had a very jolly time with my chums. i wont reviel the fascinating details as it might compramise our agents in the field.

all i shall say is that i will personaly cleft in twain anybody that states that germans have no sense of humor. every german i have met is a comic genius. and the alchohol consumed consisted of the following: five shot of sambuka, two of tequila,two jim beams and a cocktail. for some bizare reason this did not make me very drunk. i put it down to the fact that i was wearing my enchanted leather jacket, which protects me against all manner of ills.

i just read todays penny arcade. hahahaha!!!