i say, who is that rather muscular chap striding around in that picture, oh yes its me! jolly good. i likeith the painting dod, i can almost hear the smaking of you lips in apretiation. hows about a painting from mama?

good grief look at all this anti german ratialism, quite uniceptable in my opinion. these people are the coolest ever. and most generous, regulaly crafting vast meals for anyone passing with a plate and a sharp fork. and the hilarity sailing forth from them has to be heard to be believed.
you correction is rejected liv. if i didn’t want to slay you myself i would demand that you commit sepicu as atonement. that sentence would look better if i could spell. about the tale…my word look at the time, must dasharooni. bye


oh alright i havent done any. nor have i typed any of it up. i have masses of old stuff in my book such as the bordran-parambulator sequence and the josaphine predicament. perhaps chris would like to write about the concatination of curcumstances surounding twadostick funglesmith and his companions of the plot device? set up a thread in the forum for it and if we like it we can transfer it to the holy pages.

annika and i got mullholand drive out of the video store the other day as it is her faverate film and she felt that i should see it. well it gets five and a half chainsaws on the insanity metre, i recon’. i enjoyed it , but i cant say i understood i single scene. quite mad. the best part was thinking up random thoeries and explenations about the story and seeing if we could break our brains. i believe you have seen it tom. did you grasp what the hell was going on? personaly i twitch every time i see something blue and vaguely cuboid.

if you sell gai jin tan, i shall unfortunatly have to accidentaly burn my copy of noble house and scatter the ashes to the four winds.
i personaly feel a trip to the money tree refreshes and cleanses like a babbling mountain stream.
postcards you say? isurely one from thailand will be sufficient? i still havent sent one to jamie to my eternal shame. mayhap i shall send him a letter.

today i am looking into bus trips to cape ranga, as hitch hiking my be a bit of a strain. annika and i are planning and going there for the day then head to cowri forrest. and then? who knows. if i do stay a little loger i will let you know. but i would rather like to do a spot of diving.

about to post the negertives then realised that i havent writen you a letter, so i will send them at a later date.