indeed annika is german, a most personable young wench who i am really rather fond of, so the less inti-german bilge from you the better. 😉 aarg! i used an imoticon! the shame. the horror. pass the katana, i must atone. as you may have guessed i am reading shogun, very good but everyone in it is commiting sepicu(ritual suicide) at the drop of a hat.

i know of one kiwi girl who wares knee length socks, multi coloured striped ones if memory serves. i shall buy some to day. yar the problem of no accomidation or transport is only solved by going on some hellbane of a tour costing an arm and a leg. the odds are that if we hitch hiked we are likely to be stranded up there.

to night i shall get donnie darko out as reportedly it is the best film ever made. and it has a demon rabbit in it, which makes all the difference.

as to mullholand, TOM has seen it. can tom blog? if not, why not?

lala…we may go one a 24 hour cruise with coroline, christian and dipti. decisions, decisions. my brain, it hurts.