well i enjoyed donnie darko. clearly i need to watch it again though as the plot was incomprihensable. i will look into woofing at a later date i think.
what you say about clavell is sooth, i tried to read a basic fantasy story the other day and it was torture. the knowlegde that there was a fresh clavell waiting for me, made the dross i was passing in front of my eyes unbairably dull.

so liv are you not coming to bali? if not, why not? surely italy cannot be as plesant.

well i screwed up. i made the decision yesterday not to book the tour cos i read online that the weather would not be good for today, at least thats what i thought it said. as i write the sun is shining, and there is bairly a cloud in the sky. curse it all. a pox on all dung-eating decicions. we have this thoery that once you enter kerikeri you can never leave, so far it has remaned true.

right. probably wont blog for a while, cos we will be doing other stuff.
see you.