gods nostrils! pestload of stuff to impart, but no time just at the momant. just went to see jonny english. it was crap. the wine glass incedent raised a chukle but apart from that not much merryment. thank borc annika didn’t see it as i have been foaming on about the superiority of the english for many a week. tomorrow i will see x-men 2 with her and the day after the matrix. why i here you ask? becouse i can. bwahahahahaha!

tarn+goeff whats the latest i can possibly meet you in bankok? i feel the urge to stay here for as long as possible. at the momant my flight is on the 31st. tell me soonest. i missed the elephant riding?! nooooooo! there goes my chance to look just a little bit like indiana jones. annika is indeed most plesant, but unfortunatly she is in newzealand for an intire year, of which she has utilised two months. neesh! i guess i will visit her in germany in ten months.
for a small fee i will gladly keep rich ocupied, as long as i have access to a muzzle and a straitjacket for when he gets over excited, i will be fine.

nice to hear from you slightly, i checked out the plot of mullholland online and it turned out to be so simple that a child of two could have grasped it with little trouble. i must confess i was momanterily pompous wilst discusing it. watch donnie darko, if nothing else it looks beutifull and has very good music.

dod+mama: dinning room looks interesting, but whats all this rot about not being able to squat while one consumes food?! madness! i hope minion is alright, i miss her rather. i will send the pictures soon, it looks like it will be four cameras worth now!

liv: a pox on this chap rocko he has crafted a beging filled with such promise that it consumes my brain. must…resist…no…money…left..oh well what is money eh?! it doesn’t even look like real money anyway. this should be interesting as i am writing a tandem story with annika also so there will be three on the go. jolly good on the tennis front, i do hope you managed to control you anger throughout and didn’t break you racket.

i will blog tomorrow. at eleven thirty or somthing.