jumped the gun a bit there dod, i havent given you the numbers yet! not sure what is important so i will put everything down.
the best ones are:
for the aps in no perticular order. 1,2,12,10,7,11,16,17,8,25,15,24,21.
for the one with the same date(05/19/2003) for some reason it had these letters: do ro go bo co so fo on the pictures. 1a,4a,7a,10a,12a,22a,00a,17a,19a.

for the oone which had 153s nnnn on it and was done on the 26/03/03, in wanaka. 4a,8a,5a,23a,22a,21a,19a,15a,14a,13a,9a,12a,25a.

last was quite faint, 050 0134 from photo world, i believe. 25,23,22,02,11,10,07,16,19,01,04,00.

the fact that i will never see big brother 4 refreshes and cleanses me like a babbling mountain stream! i know the kerikeri auckland thing is insane but that seems to be the way it works.

those two surfers not only look “totaly radical” but also i might venture “gnarly”.